Tree Trimming/Removal

Give Your Trees the Care They Need

Turn to us for tree trimming services in Fenton, MI

Do you need help taking care of your trees? While trees can live for a long time, they still require routine care. Tree care can get dangerous, which is why it should be left to a professional. The pros at Alliance Tree Service have the skills needed to care for the trees on your property. We offer tree trimming services in and around Fenton, MI.

We always prioritize safety, so we'll come equipped with the proper gear to do the job right. If a tree on your property poses a threat, we can help with that, too. Call us today to ask about our hazardous tree trimming services.

Learn more about our tree removal process

When it comes to tree removal services, we can take down just about any sized tree. We'll start by assessing the tree's condition, size and location. Then, we'll determine if a permit is required before starting the tree removal process. Once we've taken care of the logistics, we'll remove the tree safely. Finally, we'll clean up the debris and haul it all away.
You can trust the experts at Alliance Tree Service to handle your tree removal and tree trimming needs. Call us today to schedule tree removal services in the Fenton, MI area.